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RCM-AP-3 Featured

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  • Extreme purity and quality of the material
  • Special Over voltage and Over current resistance, polypropylene dielectric
  • Particular slope design of current carrying metal layer vaporized onto one side of the polypropylene film
  • Self-healing tecnology
  • Progressive method of metal spraying to enlarge the sensitive contact area of winding elements
  • Vacuum drying and long high temperature storage to eliminate humidity
  • Dry technology-Innovative components of resin filler to keep constant capacitance over an extended period of time. There is no risk of leaking oil or gas
  • High and Thin Cylindrical aluminum cases, with special high temperature resistant protective paint can guarantee a natural permanent cooling of the capacitors under heavy working conditions
  • Overpressure disconnecting safety device to disconnect the capacitor from the mains at the end of its lifetime or in presence of dangerous overload
  • The special design enables capacitors to withstand high switching surge

The “Allpower” Capacitors are designed to be used to improve the Power Factor in tough conditions of the electrical network.



  • Increasing Harmonic distortion on the system up to 25% (due to non linear load with 5-7-8-11-13th degree of harmonic current).
  • Recurring Voltage. Voltage interruption and Current boosts due to low quality power networks.
  • Fast charging load and a lot of switching operations. The “All power” can be used in different configurations.
  • Non-automatic Power Factor correction of individual loads like induction motors, transformers, induction furnace
  • Automatic Power Factor correction system for inductive devices and transformers.
  • Tuned and Detuned Harmonic filtering Automatic Power Factor correction systems.



  • Before installing the capacitors it is necessary to check carefully the Current Harmonic distortion in the power system. If non-linear load on you electrical system exceeds 15% of the total load, you can suffer from Harmonic contaminated network.
  • Capacitors are suitable for indoor installation, for any mounting position.
  • Automatic capacitor banks must be equipped with a cooling fan, activated when the internal temperature exceeds the set value (normally 35 degree C)
  • Automatic capacitor banks should be completed with suitable capacitor switching contractors, equipped with pre-making resistors (necessary to protect capacitors from inrush peak currents during switching operation).
  • Schedule periodic check and inspections are mandatory to assure capacitors reliable operation.
  • Using power factor correction equipment without harmonic filters can cause the harmonics amplification in the network




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