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CSC GE-RT3 Featured

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LV Power Harmonic Blocking Reactor


They are typical a rectifier, an inverter, a variable speed drive, a switched mode power supply, an electric welding machine, an arc furnace, a discharge lighting or other electronic loads.

As the current in these systems is interrupted by a switching action, the current itself contains frequency components that are multiples of the power system frequency. It may happen then that these harmonic components resonate with the natural frequency of the net-transformer-capacitors oscillating circuit.

Additional over currents may result, which produce system overloads, damage the capacitors and other components, and trip the safety devices off.

The solution to this trouble is to build up a so-called low-pass resonant circuit made of appropriated reactors added to the power capacitor banks.

In other words you add a reactor series to the circuit, so designed that the resulting natural frequency of the system is lower than the most relevant and lowest harmonic frequency (usually of 5th degree).

As a result, the improved system prevents higher order harmonics to flow into capacitors, reduces conveniently the critical harmonic component and blocks the harmonics coming from the supply network. Setting the right mix of capacitors and harmonic blocking reactors is to be properly done, a keen practice made of experience. That is, every situation needs its proper solution.

Gruppo Energia is proud to offer his customers the experience of its technicians to find the right custom made solution for every need in this field, working side by side with the customer himself. A wide range of harmonic blocking reactors is at disposal, both three-phase (GE-RT3 series) and single phase (GE-RTM series).

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